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COVID-19 Crisis Response & Recovery

An American Awakening and a New Moment for TRHT?

March 2020 to the present has presented a completely unexpected and unique situation of national and international crisis, starting with the COVID-19 world health pandemic.  Amidst this backdrop, regular instances of police brutality and racist violence resulting in the deaths and injuries of numerous people of color in the U.S. have resulted in a national situation of protest, unrest, and (thankfully) a new-found, mass commitment to action/results oriented dialogue. TRHT national and TRHT Selma find ourselves in a new space where our work and planning not only have to be flexibly adjusted to meet the times, but are perhaps better poised than ever before to be effective with a new receptiveness and willingness for community buy-in that has not existed until now.

It is now clear that:

  • COVID-19 has a clear, disproportionate impact on communities of color and marginalized communities.

  • The national unrest has created a civic climate of receptiveness to racial healing unlike in any time of the past 3 1/2  years of the TRHT process.

Process and Plan in Action:

  • By April 1st, TRHT Selma team had designed a COVID-19 impact survey. 

  • TRHT Selma Evaluation Team (ETR Services) administered survey electronically to all working partners of TRHT Selma. (MST, Design Teams, and Core Team Members). 

  • Survey concluded by May 4 and results were reported and shared to TRHT and TRHT Board Committee by May 13. (Report on this page for reference).

  • BBCF leadership, Core Team input, and survey results informed a COVID-19 rapid response round for the first portion of 2020's TRHT re-granting.  $25,000 was allocated and approved by the TRHT Board Committee on May 13 and by the full BBCF Board on May 15. Funding represented an intentional focus on local economic/business support across TRHT grantees and partners, with emergency action funds given to all three of TRHT's Design Teams. (Rapid Response Grants shown at upper right). 

  • Round Two of TRHT's COVID Response is now being formulated for conclusion by end of June 2020.  This round will be designed by Core Team and will likely include greater outreach to address the new/current situation of national protest and dialogue centered around social justice in the wake of police and public brutality fueled by racism and racist power structures. 

  • ACTION opportunities for immediate horizon: Plan a Racial Equity Training for BBCF Staff, then next migrate to BBCF Board, MST, Pastors and other TRHT involved groups over time.

COVID Response Round One Grants

TRHT Selma

COVID-19 Impact Survey

(Click to view/download).

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