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What I do

I love getting involved in the details.  Here I am even running the merchandising table and helping manage the audience/talent after-show meet n' greet with our headliner, Mr. Jimmy Hall and Wet Willie

Educational components to public events are important to me personally.  Here are Muscle Shoals Swampers David Hood and Jimmy Johnson, participating in a public Q&A session following a screening of the film "Muscle Shoals."  Audience retention rate in house from end of film to beginning of Q&A, was over 90%. 

What I do

"All that needs doing and then some!"

I run a full service operation for whatever type of project you are publicizing. My 25+ years of experience in media and entertainment allow me to approach your goals with a "let's produce the show" type mentality that is effective in getting your target audience excited. I only take on board projects for which I share a personal affinity and interest in the content matter.  You can expect me to immerse myself into the details behind your project so that, in effect, I am "living and breathing" it.  This assures that I work in step with you as a knowledgeable and creative counterpart who can represent and speak on behalf of your work with confidence. Every project is different, but my philosophy of thinking outside of the box and asking questions that others simply don't or haven't asked before is the foundation of my approach. I am concerned about each detail of a project (big and small) all working together cohesively and reinforcing one another. I rely heavily on a guerrilla marketing/PR approach that effectively cuts costs to a minimum and guarantees maximum results. Below is a small peek into my work and some high points.  

Muscle Shoals Swamper and Alabama Music Hall of Fame Inductee, Jimmy Johnson, receiving City of Talladega City Council Proclamation and The Key to the City of Talladega. Guess, who wrote the proclamation text?  Yours truly.  Part of my project design for this particular screening of the internationally acclaimed film, "Muscle Shoals" in Talladega was the inclusion of civic recognition of the visiting talent.  Besides being well-deserved acknowlegement to noteworthy individuals such as Jimmy, these type of things help to rally and excite local enthusiasm and provide newsworthy items to be covered, not to mention great photo ops!  


>   special features & news reporting

​>   social media strategy/SEO

​>   radio and television

​>   general publicity

>   event promotion & management

​>   viral and email marketing

>   digital music sales/distribution

>   brand management

>   artist image consulting

>   special music business consulting

>   website content

>   educational outreach

>   fundraising 

>   hosting & moderating

>   project spokesperson


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