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Who I am

I like to think of my life as a series of chapters still being written. It's a pretty good read so far, but the book is far from finished:


I think that much of what defines me thus far comes from my life's journey and a very palatable sense of 'place.'  Wherever I am, I like to get to the bottom of what it is that is making that place 'tick.'  I'm one to find synergy and common ground between people and places pretty quickly, and I think that this appreciation of peoples and various places and cultures is what allows me, at my core, to be an effective communicator.

I am more than a little proud of my strong Southern roots, being born and raised here in Alabama.  Born in Birmingham, I must really give the most credit to my parents and family for instilling me with a deep curiosity for learning and an appreciation of culture, history and nature.  They worked hard to send me to the best schools in Alabama so that education would light my way in this world.  The time I spent in the city growing up was equally balanced with time in the rural areas surrounding both my sets of grandparents' farms. Love of land, nature and Alabama's agrarian roots has been an ever present backdrop to my psyche, no matter where I have resided.

Due to hard work in high school and the unflinching support of my family, I was fortunate enough to be able to "travel North to get myself educated" at one of the finest universities around, Princeton.  This opportunity was not without a strong sense of responsibility on my part. I knew that as an Alabama boy, some day the knowledge and opportunity I gained from university along with nearly two decades of honing my skills in the media, entertainment and marketing fields in that vibrant cauldron of an environment, New York City, would be able to benefit the place I've always called "home," Alabama.  My professional career has been a blessing by being able to work directly with some of the world's most accomplished luminaries at an early age.  I've danced with James Brown and then sat down to talk shop with him, joked around with Captain Kirk, presented and managed dozens of shows for Grammy Award winning talent and have shaken Johnnny Cash's hand, all before the age of 30, and all done while working on the job.  I thanked God all the way for the opportunity to have had first hand lessons on how to do things excellently, from those that are considered the best of all time. 


I've often thought that my horizons broadened so that some day the areas in Alabama and the South that still needed "broadening" could benefit from it, and that is exactly what I am doing these days.  My job is to bring my skills to bear for the benefit of the people and places in Alabama that need help in getting a VOICE out there.  Well, enough about me for now.  It's time to talk about your story and how we are going to spread the word on that!










With my favorite author and Alabama famous son, Rick Bragg, at a recent book signing for Jerry Lee Lewis His Own Story

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