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Dr. Sekou Franklin - Research Contractor

This item is included under Project Co-Director's planning as contractor performance monitoring is under the charge of PCD, Daron Harris while being managed by SCNTR.

Dr. Sekou Franklin's contracted project to provide (1) an Economic Power Analysis of Selma and (2) a DCAS "Dallas County Area Survey" launched in December of 2019. 

His next steps to have begun in March/April of 2020 were rendered impossible due to COVID-19 crisis. 

Current adjustment:

1. Touching base with Dr. Franklin occurred in April and May. Confirmation that his project is being re-configured to work better through online activities and to adjust travel necessary further off into 2020.


2. New contractual addendum to adjust current MOU is being crafted by Dr. Franklin in conjunction with Brendan O'Connor of SCNTR and TRHT Core team as of May 27, 2020 update. 

3. Next steps are to evaluate this new language. Amend MOU and make sure budget allocation is adequate and evaluate our 2020 further if budget adjustments may be needed. Recommend this NOT be done until Dr. Franklin demonstrates capacity to successfully adjust work plan with some assurance and confidence on deliverable results. 

GOAL:  Have completed survey and power analysis results usable before December 2020 in such a fashion that they can assist TRHT Selma to demonstrate project success and prove helpful in applying for TRHT Selma continued funding from grantor. 

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