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EJI Lynching Marker Homecoming in Selma, Alabama

  • Contacted Selma City Council member, Susan Youngbood, for project resource person. She is willing.

  • Site selection, creative discussion.  Susan, TRHT Selma team, others. 

  • Now that COVID-19 Tourist Attractions can re-open. Have requested phone meeting with appropriate contact for EJI.

  • Requesting dimensions and weight specifics of marker

  • Explore what resources EJI can make available. (Evaluate our $20K allocation.)

  • Establish GREEN LIGHT date with EJI


  • Public Relations campaign will be set to work on established timeline.

  • Keep a dream of the possibility for this to be in motion or completed by November/December of 2020.  "Pipe Dream" of something to happen during place leads conference, November 16 - 20.  

  • Using the place leads conference dates as possible leverage to push EJI into action on this. 

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