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Public Relations and Communications 

Co-Director Harris Work Plan

Special Service Public Relations for National Place Leads Conference Selma, November 2020

Correspondence with WKKF Communications team director, Rebecca Norricks, was begun in Feb of 2020. 

COVID-19 crisis has created delay of momentum. 

Follow up again tentatively set for June 4th. 

A cohesive campaign that is complementary to WKKF's overall directed campaign will be in place to properly promote and publicize the Nov. 16 - 20, 2020 TRHT National Place Leads Conference in Selma Alabama.

Potential event resource to explore for an evening event/entertainment would be in conjunction with NPR/Elise Hu related to "One Small Step" StoryCorps for Selma.  Dialogue has begun but has been paused due to COVID-19 crisis since mid March. 

Special Service Marketing Services to Assist New Dev. Director/Growth Fund

Specialized pitch and marketing materials for fundraising outreach will be needed by any newly hired BBCF

Development officer in order to fast-track help to TRHT Growth Fund.  

A simple, 'elevator pitch' type asset is already under development in conjunction with TRHT Joint Design Teams Coordinator, Laura Donovan.  DK Harris has already shared constituent materials and will be involved in final product fine tuning. 

BBCF Wesbite/TRHT Resource Page

Daron Harris has been working closely with Ron Whitney of DiscoverITT to develop new TRHT subpage resource updates on the BBCF Website.  Fresh content and multimedia elements have been updated since March of 2020.  

A web editing portal was demonstrated by Ron Whitney in April of 2020 with Daron Harris conducting a tutorial.  Currently this tool is being used in real time for continued site improvement. 

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