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Restorative Justice 

R.B. Hudson Middle Scool

Aug. 2019 Launch of Restorative Justice/School Violence Healing Circles Training at R.B. Hudson Middle School, Selma

Aug. 2019 - March 2020 (Restorative Justice Healing Circles Implementation).  LAW DT, Eric Butler, Consultant, Vernetta Perkins, Mark Myles.

April & May 2020 - (Project reconfiguration and plan adjustment during COVID-19 shutdown.)

May 2020 - Assessment gathering from school principal, Cicely Curtis. 

May 2020 - New plan and virtual component development and design - Vernetta Perkins, Cicely Curtis, Mark Myles

Evaluation wrap up of plan with all all key partners.

June 15, 2020 - New plan presentation and discussion with LAW DT and TRHT Leadership. 

June 15 - New Budgetary Considerations completion.  Emergency COVID-19 funds and 2020 Re-granting Cycle funds assessment.


Fall Semestre 2020 - Implement new Restorative Justice Program Design. 


November 16 - 20 - Position a site visit at R.B. Hudson Middle School OR a check in from Principal Curtis and Dr. Williams (Superintendent) for the National Place Leads guests.  

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