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Racial Equity Trainings

BBCF TRHT Project Co-Directors are organizing RET's for 2020.  Approx. number discussed has been 6 total. 

A current curriculum (history/story based) already exists as implemented earlier by SCNTR

RET's for specific groups in the BBCF/TRHT sphere are planned:

1. BBCF Staff -  Engage approx. 10 BBCF staff members for a full RET commitment. This has never happened in TRHT's history since program start.  TIME SENSITIVE: Ask for Approval to begin organizing. Contact SCNTR for curriculum. Share with Mee Moua. Set scheduling with team and her.  Negotiate final production fee for ONE (This session as test run).  Be sure to schedule a  beta test run-through with BBCF Co-Directors​ and Evaluators or any Core team members that want to test.

2. BBCF Board -  Begin with BBCF TRHT Board Sub-Committee members at a date proposed for Fall or Late Summer of 2020.  Possibly migrate to the full BBCF board before end of 2020 (This could be a special feature at a BBCF Board retreat.)

3. Multi-Sector Team - Provide an RET for approx. 25 members of MST. Date to be determined by Rev. Wofford.

4. Selma/Dallas County Pastors - August 6, 2020 RET for Selma, Dallas County Pastor's (See Pastor Leadership Development Plan).

4. 2020 Re-granting Cycle Support RET's (separate and different from COVID-19 emergency re-granting). Dates to be proposed by Rev. Wofford.

Modus Operandi:  Currently a webinar based (COVID-19 friendly) platform has been discussed with WKKF independent contractor, Mee Moua. She is working on circles based (healing) online sessions currently with the Chicago TRHT Place and is technically capable to implement and manage RET's contracted by us. Curriculum would need to be decided. Whether a new format is adopted or if the current one we possess is modified. 

June 8 - June 25 - Reverend Wofford gathering information on potential RET contractors.  

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