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TRHT 'Swag Bags' for National Place Leads Conference, Nov. 16- 20

Selma - Note Plan Change for Conference to be Virtual due to COVID

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 3.34.23 AM.png
  • Attractive canvas tote - 100 units $600 -$1000

  • Local Selma/Black Belt Goods 

  • Price out small quilting squares from Gee's Bend?

  • Selma Cheese Straws

  • Cookies

  • Alabama Tourism Info (Call Lee Sentell's office)

  • Local Selma Tourism Info (Call Sheryl)

  • Welcome Letter from BBCF/SCNTR

  • TRHT Selma Tees

  • TRHT Selma pins

  • Copy of Sharon L. Morgan's Book? 

Bags to be placed in advance in all hotel rooms for guests if possible or at the first welcome reception or breakfast.

Note: Due to conference plan changing to virtual/online 

conference per WKKF, these items are being re-evaluated to see if a delivery bases gift bag can be implemented for our place leads partners through WKKF distribution. 

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