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2020 Team Retreats

BBCF Staff Retreat (LW, DH, FL):

Unable to happen in March 2020 due to COVID-19 Interruption. 

When is realistic date for such a thing given current crisis situation.  Late summer?

TRHT Core Team Year End Retreat:  (GULF COAST OF ALABAMA)

  • Ear-mark 3 days in December 2020 (first week)

  • RFP to Gulf Coast Tourism (Mary Staciewicz), by August 2020.

  • Keep in mind Gulf State Park Lodge to price against Island House or other options.

      (This is a superior property and is run by State of Alabama Tourism.)

  • 5 persons, Core Team, plus one facilitator. 

  • Consider extension of invite to new coordinator, Laura Donovan and new Technical Assistant

  • Total attendance could be 8 person, plus permitted spouses or sig. other.  

  • In negotiation, insist on COVID-19 fore majeure/cancellation clause in case of later surge and possible late fall/winter health shutdowns. 


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